Gut Stasis in Rabbits

longstaff bunny

We have recently seen an increase in the number of rabbits and guinea pigs being brought into the practice seriously ill, or have sadly died at home. Gut Stasis or Ileus is a silent killer, and prompt veterinary treatment is vital to improve the prognosis for your small furry.

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Transporting Cats to the Surgery

loading-652314_1280Many cat owners are all too aware of the stressors associated with transporting their furry felines to the surgery, with many owners being put off from bringing their cat in for routine checks due to this associated stress. Here are some tips to help make this important journey more bearable to all involved…. Continue reading

Rabbits – Britain’s 3rd most popular pet are also the most neglected……

rabbit-373690_1280Rabbits are now the UK’s 3rd most popular pet, but despite this, their welfare needs are still widely misunderstood by many owners,and it is now time to re-evaluate the ways we have traditionally kept pet rabbits now that we have a much greater knowledge and understanding of their specific needs. Continue reading

Spaying Your Pet Guinea Pigs

guinea-pig-640498_1280Guinea Pigs were Britain’s 5th most popular pet in 2014 after cats, dogs, rabbits and birds, with an estimated population of half a million and growing according to the pet food manufacturing association. They have been a popular pet for hundreds of years due to their curious and friendly personalities, they are easily handled and can be very entertaining! Continue reading

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