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Here at Stanhope Park Veterinary Hospital, we understand how our furry friends are not just pets, but part of the family! We would love to share some of your favourite pet photos, past and present to celebrate that special friendship enjoyed with them.

If you would like to post a photo and a message about your furry, feathered or scaly friends, then please feel free to forward it to stanhopeparkvets@gmail.com.



Magpie is a DSLH belonging to our RVN Sue, rehomed as an RSPCA rescue kitten. She turns 11 years old in May 2019.




“Bea” is a very cheeky Border Terrier also belonging to our RVN Sue. She was also an RSPCA rescue, and is around 10 years old. She spends her days at work causing havoc in the office at our Stanhope Road Hospital!



PEPPER pepper

Pepper is a 7 year old Border Terrier full of mischief but very loving. Here he is as a very cute puppy!




Summer belonged to our receptionist Sarah and had her wrapped around her little finger. She was a special little Papillon who captured the heart of anyone who met her.




Also belonging to our receptionist Sarah, here is Sunshine as a puppy. She will be 11 years old in 2019 but still loves her toys, her favourite one is called ‘Mucky Duck’.




Dylan also belonged to our receptionist Sarah, and was such a loving gentle cat who enjoyed spending his older years sat on the windowsill in the sunshine.




“Amy joined our family 8 years ago and fitted in as if she had always been with us. Her worst fear is fire alarms, so I have to be careful when cooking as she will run and hide if I burn my tea!” Owner: our receptionist Sarah.




Pav belonged to our Head Nurse Michelle. Here he is looking very handsome in his prime!




Kobi is a super-handsome Siberian Husky belonging to our Practice Principal Micaela. He came to the practice as an RSPCA rescue in need of a new home.




Pumpkin is another rescue belonging to Micaela, who came to the surgery as a stray with a fractured pelvis. Micaela fixed her up and gave her a forever home where she loves to climb and hunt – you would never know she had previously had surgery on her pelvis!



Boris (belonging to our vet Jeanette), is a Bearded Dragon who was rescued after he was abandoned outside by his previous owners. “He is a special case, but we love him still! He is blind and has a neurological problem. Luckily he has greatly improved and is eating well now. Check out how much he improved in just 6 months” (Left = Before, Right = After).



Lenny also belongs to Jeanette, and was signed over to the RSPCA with a horrible skin condition. “After blood tests and treatment trial we have diagnosed him with asthma and allergies. That was the reason he was licking and scratching himself almost bald – not that you could tell now though as he has an amazingly long coat now! Don’t let his grumpy facial expression fool you…. this is his happy face”.



Dani is a 6 year old Leopard Gecko. “She enjoys hunting for crickets at night time and sleeps most of the day. She unfortunately has had some problems with her shedding so now we have to pay very good attention to her toes when she is shedding to make sure the old skin does not pinch her toes”. (Also belonging to Jeanette).



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