Lap Spay Offer

Until 31st December 2019,
we are offering £150 off Lap Spays

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As a responsible pet owner, the decision to spay your pet could be the best decision you make for your pet’s long-term welfare. We are thrilled to now offer ‘lap spays’, also known as ‘keyhole spay’ or ‘keyhole neutering’. Lap spays are becoming increasingly popular as the advantages over a traditional spay procedure, become better understood.

Why choose a lap spay over a traditional spay procedure?
A traditional spay procedure is technically called an “open ovariohysterectomy”. In this procedure, an incision is made along the bitch’s midline, usually 8-20cm in length (depending on her size). The Veterinary Surgeon will then remove the uterus and both ovaries, before the muscle and skin layers are stitched together.

During a lap spay, instead of one large incision, there will be 2 very small incisions around half a centimetre across. Your Vet will use one of these to pass a camera through so they are able to see to complete the procedure, and the other for the special laparoscopic instruments. Using these, the ovaries are removed and the uterus is left in place. The small incisions are then closed and due to their size, usually only needing a single internal stitch on each.

– Due to the smaller wounds, there is a significantly lower chance of infection
– Your pet will also experience less pain due to the small incision sizes and ‘neater’ surgery
– As a lap spay requires a less invasive procedure, your pet’s recovery will be quicker

Are there any disadvantages?
There are no disadvantages of a Lap spay compared to a traditional spay, other than it will take a little longer and generally due to the specialist equipment and training required, tends to be a little more expensive.

We have taken care of this for you however, with our introductory offer, starting the end of October, our lap spays are £150 off, making them the same cost as a traditional spay!

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