Our Cats and Exotics Clinic is One Year Old!!

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The Perils of Throwing Sticks for Dogs

Many dogs enjoy carrying and chewing on a stick, with some finding chasing a thrown stick, the best game ever! Although this may seem like a harmless fun activity for your dog, stick injuries can be serious, and here at Stanhope Park Vets, we have seen many nasty injuries to dogs caused by sticks.  


Did you know that all species of animal can be microchipped? Whilst it is now a legal requirement that all dogs over 8 weeks of age are chipped, microchipping is an excellent way of permanently identifying ALL pets, and helping lost pets to be reunited with their owners.

Cats & Exotics Clinic NOW OPEN!!

Here at Stanhope Park Veterinary Hospital, we are thrilled to announce that our brand new Cats and Exotics Only Clinic, opened on 31st October 2016, on Duke Street in Darlington, just a stone’s throw away from our Stanhope Road Hospital!

Keep Pets Cool as the Weather Hots Up!

Summer is finally almost upon us, and as the weather has started to improve recently, we are now seeing posts and adverts cropping up about heatstroke again. So how can we prevent this serious and potentially fatal condition?

Canine Babesiosis

Many of you will have seen reports in the news recently about an emerging disease in dogs called Babesiosis, which can be transmitted via tick bites.

Why You Should Neuter Your Cat…

As well as preventing unwanted litters of kittens, there are also several health benefits in neutering cats…. With thousands of cats given up to rehoming centres or relinquished to the stray population every year in the UK, it is vital that pet cats are neutered to reduce these increasingly out-of-control statistics.

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